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on Dec 18, 2017 in Landscape Photography

Pie in the Sky?

Bosque Sky
captured by D850 / 18-35AFS / Luminar

Had a very interesting conversation over the weekend with someone wanting to be a photographer. What amazed me was this person’s only camera is an iPhone. Nothing wrong with that except this person wanted to make their livelihood as a landscape photographer. They didn’t know if I shot landscapes but asked my advice on the matter anyway. Since the podcast I recorded sounded way too much like a Moose rant, I decided to delete it and write a calmer post.

The conversation sent my mind back to other conversations about the income side of photography, the expense, and the income. The one thing in those conversations that is essential as far as I’m concerned about photography, especially the business of photography is the passion! I guess I’m really old school or just old, but I have a hard time understanding how a photographer can make it down the long road, be it hobby or profession without that desire to be a visual storyteller that passion propels forward. I feel you have to have it to put into your photography for others to get the passion out of your photography. So while I have no clue if this post will make you feel any better about your photography, but I know getting this off my chest in a calmer way makes me feel a whole lot better. That’s cause photography is all about feelings and not some pie in the sky!

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