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I’m no where near done blogging images, experiences and lessons from Oshkosh but thought I would take a moment to answer some common and very valid questions with this posting. The questions center around the logistics of making it all work. Well here you can see the repacking process. I made it to KS with all my gear in my usual carry-ons/check-ins but cramming all of this in the back of the Cessna 206 required repacking. Since I would be packing the gear into the Cessna and not some luggage handler, I brought to small, wheeless duffles to repack my stuff into from the large check-in bags I use.

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Everything I brought with me including myself/sleeping bag went into the tent. Our tents were literally set up at the plane. Even though it was hot & muggy and we have no rain, the rain fly had to be kept on because of the nighttime dew. When I rolled up the tent to fly back to KS, after rolling it up and putting it in its stuff sack, when I turned it on end, water literally poured out. I took a day in the 100 degree heat of KS to dry the tent out.

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My gear flew up to Oshkosh and I carried it around the joint as you see here. This is a Mountainsmith Day Recycle with their backpack harness and cube inside. It carried the: 70-200VR2, 24-70AFS, 18AF, 16Fish & 24f1.4 AFS as well as iPad and some misc little stuff. The 200-400VR2 with D3x attached went on my shoulder. The system worked great and permitted tons of flexibility. I did take the D3s with me and carried it around the site the first day but it was obvious to me that shooting video just didn’t work into my plans so it was left at camp the rest of the week. The notebook and other support “stuff” was also left at camp. The iPad has become a very important work tool for me and I have found it nearly replaces the notebook. The one place the notebook still excels is dealing with uploading, filing and backing up images.

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The camp is a great place! The folks who are camping alongside of you are really nice people. At the end of the day, the first thing I would do when I got back to camp is upload all cards into the Epson P7000. Then I would go to the charging station they have built for the plane campers. They really have thought things through at Oshkosh to make it a very enjoyable experience! There the iPhone, iPad and notebook would be plugged into charge and while I was showering; the cards would be uploaded to the notebook at this time. Yeah, the place is that safe, never worried about anyone messing with my stuff. With that all done, it was back to the tent to file and blog. It was really quite easy to make it all work and that just made the whole time a ton of fun!

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