I’ll come clean, when I saw these, I didn’t understand what I was seeing! Tripod camera heads with no knobs, what’s the world coming to? Larry has shown us the future and it’s bloody Brilliant! The Platyball, Ergo & Elite literally turn heads on their head and bring to us an incredibly stable, smooth, sexy, shinny and very simply way to secure and work with our camera gear! You can wear the bulkiest gloves, tie one hand behind your back and you’d still have no problem in quickly setting your camera exactly where you want it with a Platyball.

These incredibly inexpensive heads are so incredibly well built. Larry was kind enough to send me prototypes to field test. Monument Valley sand, Montana Rain, Maggie tongue, nothing has phased the function of these heads. Watch the video, I think that will fill in the gaps. And thanks Larry for showing us the future, today. Platyball, bloody brilliant!

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