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on Jan 30, 2018 in Field Reports

Powering the D850

You have three basic ways to power the D850, the single EN-EL15a battery, the MB-D18 (with its battery options) or the AC EH-5c/EP-5B. Many have been asking how I’m powering my D850? The vast majority of the time I use the EN-EL15a battery which I find, even in extreme cold, does a great job. When doing the all night time lapse, I turn to the EH-5c/EP-5B but that only will work when you have AC. That leaves the MB-D18 with its battery options as the long time lapse portable option. I’ve not received a MB-D18 yet as I ordered it really late in the release but my good friend Igor has it just for this purpose which to me makes sense. Using the MB-D18 all the time for me or the team just doesn’t make sense as we want a smaller camera than the D5, not the same size. So like everything else I do in photography, I have the tools I need to solve the problems I face.

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