I started to use telephoto flash with the F3 utilizing the latest technology in 1981, the Norman 200B. We’ve come a long ways in flash technology but my goal still remains the same. Get the color accurate for birds when I’m behind the camera. I’ve recently incorporated the Profoto A10 into my kit which is whole new world of gorgeous light. I recently was in Australia at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat where I put the new system to a helluva field test. The results still light my imagination to what I can go capture next!

The video is a longie – twenty-five minutes broken down into three chapters. I go over the Profoto A10, its operation and use with the Nikon Z 9. I then go through the process of getting ready to actually shoot. And finally I look at the results and explain the thought process behind the capture and how I made it happen. The gear I used were:

Nikon Z 9
Nikkor Z400f4.5
Really Right Stuff lens foot
Really Right Stuff 87-B
Profoto A10

Video shot with
Nikon Z 9
Nikkor Z70-200f2.8
Senal Shotgun Mic

The vast majority of the photographs in the video were shot with -1/3 Exp Comp shot at ISO 800. All images were taken at f/4.5.

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