Yellowstone River captured by Z 6II / Z14-24f2.8

There wasn’t even a hint of light on the horizon when we pulled away from the lodge. This time of year in the north, sunrise is nice and late, if you’re an early riser. As we ventured up the road, the first hints of light wiggled through the clouds and then, the clouds began to disappear. The glorious sunrise burst on the scene with a great screech of rubber on the road. Within seconds I was standing on the edge of the Yellowstone River soaking in what the great west is all about!
Photographers, everyone for that matter, is sucked in by the color red. When it wraps a scene in its entirety as it does here, it can make it hard to know where to look and more importantly, say in your photograph what’s the subject. Bringing out that red required setting the WB to 9000k and underexposing by one full stop. More importantly, though was the inclusion of the tall trees to the right of the frame. I bring in the old west, it keeps the eye in the frame, gives the water an anchor point for flowing, ties the red sky in with the foreground. As you arrange all the elements, bounce off what you see in the viewfinder with what words you are using to express the moment. You might be saying out loud what you need to say in your photograph. It is a special moment, red sky in the morning.

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