Brent Peterson & Addison Pemberton captured by Z 6II / 180-400VR

While this seems really simple and straight forward, in application it’s anything but! The pilot is everything to your photographic success. He’s the one the literally flies that plane that you want to get more time with, even in the air with. And even though they say they don’t have an ego, present them with a great portrait and what makes them smile puts a huge smile on their face. It also puts you on the A Team of photographers. The challenge though is that photo. In this example, Brent is at the stick in a high wing aircraft. He’s in a deep shadow. How do you overcome that dark light? In this case, had him stop of the white lettering of the taxi way using that white to reflect light up into the cockpit. How do you get that close up of the pilot, a long lens. In this case, the 180-400 with the 1.4x engaged. Lastly, talk to the pilot and tell them what you want to do. When you say you want to get their portrait, you’d be surprised what they will do to accommodate you. Your part is to not only make the photo, but get that FILE into their hands for them to use. It’s real simple and real important. Remember the pilot!

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