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on Sep 14, 2018 in Aviation

Reno Advice … Pit Pass!

Rare Bear
captured by Nikon D3x / 24-70

“What’s the best way to shoot the Reno Air Races?” I’ve seen this email a few times this past week and my advice is simple, get a Pit Pass! The Pit Pass which costs a few dollars more gets you in close to the action, both in the pits and on the flight line. You want to get in close for so many reasons, all are obvious. But here’s the caveat to the Pit Pass, arrive before the sun and stay until it’s gone!

P-51D Mustang
captured by D3x / 24-70

Credentialed photographers at the races (they’ll be wearing the vests) often stage morning and evening shoots. While you won’t be able to go past the barrier, with a lens like the 70-200 or 80-400, you can get that same shots as these. I selected these two photos because I had my feet up against the barrier when I took these photos. Rare Bear was at first light, the Mustang at last light. So my Reno Advice is simple, get close and chase the light!

Note: My good friend and great shooter Joanne say rules have changed, you can go out early and after 5PM without the vests!

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