Sydney Opera House captured by Z 9 / Z40f2

We’d read that the Queens image had been projected onto the Sydney Opera House but that it was past, not being done anymore. So two nights ago when we saw it there, we goofed up our Uber driver and did one of those great, “hold one moment while I make a click” moves. And with that quick click, off we went. Then last night, it was there again (can’t believe everything you read on the web) after dinner so this time, we took our time. We first shot it from the south, a totally different angle from the first night. You could faintly see the beams from the projector this night, slight moisture in the air. But the direction in which we were shooting, the beams were all wrong. We then walked in the direction of the first night shoot and the beams got brighter and brighter. We passed under them until we saw the view you see above. So on the third attempt to make the ONE click that brought home the story to us, did I get it right. And that’s the point. We shouldn’t settle on the first click, perhaps not the second or third even. We need to push ourselves, our photography, our visual storytelling until we get it right. It might take more and that’s OK. Just ask yourself, should we accept the first?

Sydney Opera House captured by Z 9 / Z24-120 (this is the first click)

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