SmallRig Lightweight Fluid Video Head w/Z 9 & Z400f4.5 showing off extending handle

I want to up my game capturing videos of critters and realized I needed a fluid head to make the pans work. But there is a limit of how much gear I can have & carry. My primary shooting remains stills (despite pressure otherwise) but when I do video, I want the best I can do. With the addition of the Z400f4.5 & Z 30 to the locker, I saw an opportunity to up my video game while keeping it all small and light. But what about a fluid head. Don’t know if you’ve looked into them, but some START at $2k, they start there! And they are by no means small or light, they can be massive. In my search I came across the SmallRig Lightweight Fluid Video head for $99. I am a HUGE SmallRig fan, I have their cages, body /lens plates, small ballheads and other pieces that I just love them. Great quality for amazing prices. Well, I rubbed my eyes when I saw the size (only 23oz!) and price of the Lightweight Fluid head and thought it was a typo. Nope, that is the everyday price. Could my problems be solved that easily? Well, I clicked and purchased one. You should too!

SmallRig Lightweight Fluid Video Head w/Z 9 & Z400f4.5

Don’t let the “lightweight” name alarm you. I’ve been using it with the Z 9 / Z400f4.5 with gorgeous results! Use it with the Z 30 and that’s a killer combo. This beautifully machined head is crammed with big features (did I mention it’s only $99!). First, the fluid pan and tilt motion is so smooth. You can set it easily to the tension you desire. You have the ability to turn the Arca Swiss clamp a full 360 easily accepting body or lenses. It locks or pans as per your needs. The handle position is completely adjustable (twist and lock into the length desired) and its length can be expanded making even slower, smoother pans a slam dunk! All this in a package smaller than any ballhead you probably have now that’s built like a rock (seriously, it’s only $99!). And after all of that, it’s the cutest little thing! This will be the standard head I will always use with the Z400f4.5 from now on. It’s great!!!

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