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on Dec 1, 2017 in Field Reports

SnapBridge Major Update

Nikon has done a major update to their SnapBridge app. Once connected to your camera, you’ll find it a solid tool you’ll want to have. One of the major issues before was simply getting your smartphone to connect to the camera (only works with certain bodies). That has been vastly improved, once you make everything happy. What I had to do was make sure on the iPhone in the Bluetooth, the D850 was no longer in the menu (Forget this device). Then I had to delete the SnapBridge app (even though I had just updated it) from my device. Turn off the iPhone, turn it back on and then download the app again. With that accomplished, the D850 & iPhone couldn’t have connected faster! Reconnecting once both devices were turned off and back on was quick and simple as well. I hope more folks will check this out and put this tool to use, could be a real problem solver for you!

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