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on Aug 2, 2018 in Field Reports

So How’d it Work?

captured by D5 / 180-400VR

I never knew that folks followed how I worked with gear so closely. I’ve received a number of emails asking if my new rig for working airshows worked at Osh as I hoped. This is what I had with me …

Nikkor 180-400VR
Nikkor 105f1.4 AFS
Nikkor 18-35AFS
Nikkor 8-15Fish
Nikon Rapid Strap
Nikon Polarizer: 40.5mm for 180-400 / 82mm

On my shoulder is:
Nikon D5
Nikkor 24-70VR
Peak Strap

The biggie was not having the Nikkor 180-400VR bouncing off my side. That use to beat me to pieces and make me a nervous wreck. Having it safely in the MP-7 was huge for me! After the first day, the Nikkor 24-70VR was left behind and replaced with the Nikkor 105f1.4 AFS which was perfect. I’m still kicking myself that I had the Nikkor 8-15Fish with every intention to use it for overhead flights and I didn’t do it once! Idiot!!!

Everything stayed dry in the rain which is important. All was easy to access when needed and when I was shooting the airshow, the MP-7 provided a great place to rest the Nikon D5 / Nikkor 180-400VR off the damp ground. It was also nice that our folding Kelty Chair easily strapped to the bottom of the MP-7 and my rain shell to the top, out of the way. So ya, sling bag is gone and the MP-7 is now my standard airshow bag!

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