Life is this amazing thing that, when you really think you have things in hand and a direction to head, it wants you to go, in that direction instead. I have lots of examples of this, here’s just one that has turned out to be a simple delight! I had an opportunity to photograph a F4U-4 Corsair the grew to photograph a second, a third and then do an article on another and now I’m working on another. Unlike wildlife, aviation has so much history involved with any one type of aircraft and then with anyone particular plane, research is a complicated process. While I might be researching a particular aircraft, it’s really the people who have been part of that aircraft that the stories are generated. In this process, I’ve posted some images of Corsairs here which then make their way to the social media stream.

And it was in the Social Media stream that I came to meet Peter. He said the magic words that caught my attention when he commented on a photo, a personal connection to the aircraft so we started a dialog. As it turned out, his dad was the test pilot at Vought for the Corsair, the guy did the lion share of testing for the aircraft. And he did one helluva a lot more! And very lucky for us, he wrote a killer book I just finished reading. Learning all this history requires a lot of reading, 11 books so far this year on just aviation and my head hurts but my heart is bursting with ideas. It kinda illustrates the points I made in the last post. In the quest for knowledge came the learning and the fun. And in the end, will come the photograph and the financial reward. I gotta thank Peter for first reaching out and then turning me onto a ton of information and more contacts. And I’ve gotta thank my friend RC who while sitting on my couch one winter night many years ago told me I need to get out more, I should try this social media thing. You just never know who you’ll meet and what you’ll learn!

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