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on Feb 14, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Square Sun – LED Love

The Amazing Square Sun!

LED lights have come so far in design and down so much in price! The new Genaray Square Sun is a great example of both. I wrote about the Genaray LED Bi-Color Light kit which is a killer portable kit. But when you want studio power and I mean power and flexibility in an LED, the Square Sun is gorgeous! This bad boy weighs in at 13lbs with its 15″ by 15″ LED light on a massive yoke for ultimate stability. Its 100watt output is scalable with the dimmer switch with color temps from 3200k to 5600k (photo below). The Square Sun has built-in DMX512 technology. This allows you to control the light’s settings remotely from a DMX lighting control console.

You can buy the Square Sun by itself or in a kit (great value) which is what I highly, highly recommend! It comes with AC power supply but can run off batteries as well. It’s meant for heavy use so have a built-in fan. The barns doors can come off and other light diffusion added. I find that from the get-go, it produces a pretty nice light. Why am I growing out LED light locker? It’s a great, portable and easy to use light source for video.

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