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on Apr 15, 2019 in Aviation

Statics, May Take Twice … or More

F-106 Delta Dart
captured by D750 / 80-400VR2

It’s such an awesome plane, I wish I had seen it fly (probably did but I don’t remember it). When it was first delivered to Dakota Territory Air Museum, I was fortunate to “play” on the Dart while it was in the hangar getting restored. Then I was there right after it got parked and its head on profile grabbed my attention. It still does. This is definitely a static aircraft and as such, the background is essential to make “the” photograph come to life. Is it possible to improve a static portrait the second day?

F-106 Delta Dart
captured by D5 / 80-400VR

These two different photos were taken actually two months apart. Though I saw the Dart numerous times in between, it wasn’t until I saw the second possibility did I see I could improve on the first. That’s really the secret to this whole thing, make the best possible photograph you can at the time you shoot but realize you can always improve. Shooting long and compacting was important to the shot so improvement didn’t come from gear but from light and background. Being a cold war aircraft, I wanted that feeling to the photo. While that’s the only change, that’s a biggie to the story I wanted to tell. When photographing statics and there is a plane you really like, remember that it might just take twice or more to make that shot you’re after!

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