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on Aug 1, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Study Proves, It’s All About Memories!

My Girls
captured by D850 / 180-400VR

EAA AirVenture, better known as simply as Osh, has always been a place of great learning for me. Yes, the planes are sweet and do get a lot of my focus, but the people, they are what really makes Osh, Osh. I learned that my very first Osh with Stanley and it has been reinforced every Osh since. This one was no different.

We were doing our book signing in the Welcome Center (and thanks to ALL of you who came by!) where our host was Charlie, a really nice guy, retired, and wanted to do everything possible to sell every book on the racks (which we did that morning). We were about halfway through the book signing, had a small lull when he told me he was a retired executive from Polaroid. As you can imagine, that got my attention. We were talking photography when he brought up a study Polaroid did back in the 70’s. They asked folks to send in their Polaroids (if you don’t know what a Polaroid is, Google it :-) because the company wanted to see what folks were taking photos off. It was a very expensive study because, among other things, Polaroid returned the Polaroids back to their owners. After a year of looking at hundreds of thousands of Polaroids the study came up with one conclusion, people were taking photographs of memories!

When they summed up all the content, it could all be summarized as memories. Charlie and I wondered if today, as we watched what seems like hundreds of selfies being taken all around us if today’s digital photographers still were taking memories or …. We then talked about when wildfires break out like they are right now (our closest is five miles away now) and folks have to evacuate that the one thing most grab is their photographs, their memories. I bring this to your attention for just one reason. Memories are our own personal treasure that often belongs to just us. Sadie is not tack sharp, highlights are lost but there is no way I would ever delete this photo of my girls. It’s a fond memory of our time at Minaret Vista. So when you put that camera to your eye, as you think about what lens to use, exposure to select, how you might want to finish it, remember it is YOUR memory. In that context, you can do no wrong because your heart will always fill in the blanks!

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