Kodiak Brown Bear (4yr female weighing 475lbs) captured by Z 9 / 800f5.6 AFS

Yes, very gentle giants indeed! The Kodiak Brown Bear is the biggest of them all, males 1150lbs are common. I carry no sidearm, no bear spray just the deepest love and respect for this amazing critter when I go in the field. Oh yeah, a camera of course! Sharon & I are just back from ten magical days with the bears, seeing around twenty individuals over the ten days in the field. There wasn’t a day that, even if I didn’t take a photo (shot 21k image, 2061 went into the gallery) that I wasn’t watching and being fascinated and totally entertained by the bears. In a setting where all you hear is nature, no another sound echoed from the peaks rising 3000 feet above the water we used as a road to the bears. It’s as close to heaven as I imagine it to be. I came back with a total of three hours of video in the hope that it would help me tell the story of these gentle giant’s life, struggles, fun and hardships. While I like what I captured, the one thing lacking in the still and video is the 360 degrees of the great north smothering every sense we possess. I’m going to try my best over the coming weeks to share that with you. The goober who found our little gang a safe zone to sleep just thirty yards away while bigger bears grazed near by. The wonderful mom with her three cubs, classic text book behavior that unfolded around us. The crazy male that chased a female for four hours up and down the hillside and so much more. While I have all these treasured memories safe and secure on my hard drive, I can’t help but miss them bears as I gaze at the incredibly great fortune I had for ten days with such gentle giants!

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