Another incredible Photoshop World is now in the books so after the instructor party and since sleep has been scant for the last four days, why not just make it five. So after a great dinner, we headed down to the Lincoln Memorial with our friends Russell and Kevin to simply enjoy the Memorial at night. Since I’m still working with the new D4, of course I took it along.

My settings were the basics, of course. I was shooting on a small travel Gitzo tripod anywhere from 16sec to 1.2sec at ISO 100. The white balance was AWB and exp comp was -2. As far as I’m concerned, the D4 did a great job. All of these images are straight from the camera, nothing was done in post other then the conversion from Nef to PSD using ACR 6.7.

More importantly was the photographic process. In this series, I wanted the folks included in the photo. I looked for all blurred like the top frame to almost all blurred in the middle to just certain ones blurred in the bottom. Now this took a little time waiting for the right combination and grouping of folks to shutter speed to give them moving the ability to blur during the exposure. I really like the bottom one because the couple frozen in the middle were doing something really romantic like a wedding proposal or something. The one shot I wanted to get I saw but acted too slowly. A bus load of folks came in and all at once lifted up their cell phones to take a photo. I saw the photo and got into position to slowly. The D4 made the whole experience very enjoyable and along with the company, made for a great closure to our adventures to DC.

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