Oh yeah baby, this is a freakin better design! It’s one think to take a test shot in a sterile environment and it’s a whole other matter shooting in the real world. Well, I finally had the opportunity to use the TC-20e3 actually shooting and to say I’m damned impressed is an understatement.

[swf]http://www.moosepeterson.com/swf_imgs/_BMP6840.swf, 585, 444 [/swf]

This really doesn’t look like much at first glance, but it was enough to impress the hell out of me. There I am at the marsh working on a coastal gray morning. I look up to see this GBH flying right down the pipe at me. I says to myself, “What the hell” and throw the lens up on it.

[swf]http://www.moosepeterson.com/swf_imgs/_BMP6860.swf, 585, 444 [/swf]

The top image is the 1st in the series, the bottom is the 20th in the series. I just depressed the shutter release and let ‘er rip. ALL, every single image in the 20 frame series is sharp. The D3s connected to the 600VR AND TC-20e3 shooting in overcase, flight light keeping focus of an uncoming subject that is bluish-gray. Shooting at f/8, 1/60s ISO 200 and 20 sharp images, that catches my attention!

Wanta see what I see? Click on Zoomified Image!

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