The Sun over the Alaskan Range captured by Z 6II / 180-400VR

I love those times when I can include the sun in my photographs. The vast majority of the time, the aperture is closed down creating a starburst and while I love that effect, it’s times like this that I treasure. When there is a starburst, the sun is an element in the photo. But here, the star is the star. Shooting mirrorless makes this easier and safer so I find myself seeking the opportunity more and more.

The air temp was around -30, the time was just after 11 AM (sunrise was about an hour earlier). On the ridge, we could see over a vast portion of the Alaska plain across to the Alaska Range. The sun really never much higher in the sky all day. It was constant sunrise or sunset color. With all of these elements, the sun created its own landscape to star in so the photo was a simple click. Handholding the rig, I moved so I had no elements in the foreground and with zero comp, went click. It’s quickly become a favorite of mine. I’ve spent a lifetime chasing the light the sun shares with my camera. I was happy to make it the star.

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