To be totally upfront, I am perhaps not the best one to be offering this advice, so take it with a grain of salt. It’s that time of year when photographers, pros and hobbiets a like are thinking about how to best spend their tax refund. I know because the emails are flooding in asking me which body or lens over this or that body or lens should they buy. I usually ask one question, what will move your photography forward, that piece of gear or time out shooting? Time is money and for many, time is harder to come by than money. There is always a pause in the conversation when I ask this question.

With that said, a brand spanking new Nikkor Z24-70f2.8 as I type is on a truck for delivery to me today. The 24-70f2.8VR is a VERY important lens in my kit! It’s a killer lens, very sharp producing gorgeous images. It attaches to the D5 and together, they are a lethal combo! They are also heavy!! So, when I already have the Z24-70f4 why would I use refund funds to add another 24-70 to my kit? Well, I’m actually selling my 24-70f2.8VR because I primary use for this zoom is photographing statics and folks and typically with flash. When it comes to my favorite body for this it’s the Z6 now, not the D5, so it only makes sense to go lighter (the Z24-70f4 is killer for video so it stays in the locker). But here’s the thing, I’m only taking a temporary loan with my refund, until I sell the 24-70f2.8VR, using those funds for time in the field for an event I want to go and shoot in July. See, to me, time shooting is a better use of my capitol then gear which is why my kit is so minimal. I hope I’ve helped your dilemma more than muck it up with this thought :-)

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