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on May 22, 2019 in WRP Ed Zone

The #1 Technique You Must Master

450 Stearman
captured by D5 / 70-200f4

Basic Handholding is an essential tool EVERY photography must master, period! Just worked with a photographer who used LiveView and held their camera like it was an iPhone when they asked, “why are my images not sharp?” Seriously, we can do better!

This is something you need to practice EVERY DAY for five minutes so when you are out shooting, you don’t even think about it. It’s just is. It starts by cup the lens in your left hand so gravity forces the rig DOWN into your palm. Next, bringing your elbows into your sides, grasp the camera firmly with the right hand and learn to roll the finger to first activate the camera and then to fire the camera. Use an eyecup and pull the camera into your face. My buddy Adam captured in this photo of me during an air to air so even with feet off the ground, proper handholding is a must if you want the tack sharp image. The photo above, the shutter speed was 1/40 and there was no gyro attached. Practice, practice, practice every day until it’s second nature. Then practice some more!

(c) Adam Rohrmann

(c) Adam Rohrmann

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