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on Mar 20, 2019 in Wildlife Photography

The Brilliant Walthamstow Wetlands

European Robin
captured by Nikon D5 / Nikkor 180-400VR

I was in great company Monday at the Walthamstow Wetlands! Along with my dear friend Michael Eleftheriades and the Nikon Owner gang, I got the privilege to explore the newly opened wetlands just north of London. This urban wildlife wonderland was simply spectacular that I so enjoyed. I had seen a European Robin in the past but never when I had a lens to capture it by. I was so hoping to have an opportunity this trip now that I was prepared and I wasn’t disappointed … and a lot more!

Great crested Grebe
captured by Nikon D5 / Nikkor 180-400VR / Nikkor TC-14eIII

Knowing I was going on this adventure and wanting to travel light, I brought the Nikkor 180-400VR / Nikkor TC-14eIII which turned out perfect. Using simple biology, the birds and the bees, I came across of pair of European Robins working on a nest. With sex in the air, getting close was easy. I just had to wait for the background I wanted. Another really cool bird (there were tons!) was the Great crested Grebe. It’s that time of year when they pair bond by dancing on the water. I regret we didn’t get to see that! They are great looking birds.

The main point though is this “urban” wildlife refuge is a great resource for anyone in or around London for amazing wildlife photography in site of the Olympic Park or downtown. I can’t encourage you enough to take advantage of this or any urban wildlife in your own backyard. And to Michael and the gang … thanks again for a brilliant day and a great dinner!!!

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