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on Nov 14, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

The Camera Cleaning Kit

Besides yourself and your family, the next important thing to take care of is your camera gear! I’m always amazed at how 1: photographers have no supplies to take care of their gear or 2: they have the supplies but never taken them out of their wrapper. The fear, downright paranoia paralyzes most and I just hate when that happens. I feel even worse for that camera gear, it deserves all the love we can give it.

My new class on Camera Gear Care has posted over at KelbyOne. It goes EVERYTHING I do to give my gear all the love it needs to continually perform perfectly over and over again. And if you want just sensor cleaning info/refresher, you can find an abbreviated course on my YouTube channel.

Cleaning Kit Supplies
“Pink Juice” = LensClens (for everything BUT the sensor)
Eclispe Sensor Cleaner
Visible Dust Sensor Loupe
Visible Dust 1.x (FX Sensor) Swabs
Visible Dust 1.5 (DX Sensor) Swabs
Power House Case (to hold it all)

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