C-47 captured by Z 6 / Z24-70

Dark skies, yeah that’s what airports are not known for but that’s what you need when going after heavenly bodies. Or, is that really the subject you’re going after in a photo like this? In this case, yes and know. When you read about the crews who flew the C-47, you often hear of 03:00 revelry with a 05:00 launch. To us civilians that’s o’dark thirty. There is a short period before the sun comes up that there is just enough glow in the east to suggest sunrise yet the brightest stars can also register in the frame. That’s how I made this shot to tell the story of those flight crews. You might think the light/stars is the challenge but actually, it’s getting a sharp subject. The exposure time was just four seconds but if there is the slightest breeze, the plane will move, wiggle back and forth, even one as big as a C-47. So you click, click, click, click hoping that one of the shots is the right exposure for the sunrise and the stars when the wind is no moving about (and yes, the plane was light painted). With all that said, it’s just a great way to start the day, out on the ramp with aircraft and the sun!

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