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on Feb 15, 2019 in Field Reports

The Esoteric Gear We Use

A number of folks have emailed asking me to talk a little about the more esoteric gear we use in filming our documentary, Brent and I gathered some of it up on a rainy afternoon and shot this little video. Now the funny thing about some of our gear, we have to almost fight the guys who are working on “Hit or Miss” so we can use it for filming. One example is the Axler PSR-44 Shooting Riser. Now when Brent said he needed this, I truly had my doubts. This 49lbs riser holds 400lbs and is freakin stable! We all love it!

Axler PSR-44 Shooting Riser
Axler CS-HCS-60A Adj Pro Slider

Another popular item with the mechanics is the strip LED. It fits incredibly well in a plane and its soft light, perfect for filming is easy on their eyes for fine work.
Genaray SSL-36 Soft Strip ED
Magnus VPH-20 Video Tripod Head
Oben LH-2510 Leveling Base Head
Magnus DWF-2 Tripod Dolly

All of this gear is not what your normal still shooter would have. I wanted to answer a bunch of emails in one email and have a little fun talking about it. Enjoy!

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