TBM Avenger captured D750 / 70-200

TBM Avenger
captured D750 / 70-200f4 AFS

The ramp at sunrise is a special place. Yeah, there are the planes and that sure sets the scene, the thrill and the challenge, but there’s more to it than that. Being able to be on the ramp at that time of day is special if for no other reason then, you normally can’t be on the ramp that time of day. This past weekend during the Wings Over Houston Airshow, we were there continuing on with our project with the Texas Flying Legends Museum. These aircraft are very familiar to us, having done everything from washed them to flown in them. And this wasn’t our first morning to be shooting them on the ramp. Then in telling the story, how does one keep moving it forward?

On this particular morning, the TFLM TBM Avenger was parked kinda by itself. This left open many photographic opportunities with the rising sun. As the sky started to open up, I went to my classic arse shot. Shooting with the D750 / 70-200f4 AFS, the monitor is flipped out making shooting at ground level a whole lot easier. With the grid turned on, I line up the symmetry which is so important in arse shots. The shot looks nice so I make the clicks. I’m about to get up and move to another angle when I see a Major walking the line shooting the planes himself with his cell phone. I wait to see if he comes down to the TBM. He walks on down and then stops when someone calls him. It’s all I need to make the click. While the TBM by itself is a nice shot, the soldier makes it great. Not only does he give it scale, but he now gives it an emotion that wasn’t present without him. That’s the challenge we face in our photography every time we go click. Those times are the fleeting moment.

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