The Photoshop World precon was not only a great event, but provided a great field testing site for the D4. Starting with light that wasn’t great, I was able to see just what the D4 could do for me. The General was more then happy to be the guinea pig for my testing. I started off by getting past my own issues with photographing people. I’m simply not comfortable walking up to a stranger, talk to them and convince them they should let me photograph them. The General and I locked eyes and I took that as a opening to introduce myself and photograph him. Though the light was really nasty, under the tent flap it was very diffused and perfect. With the 50f1.4AFS attached, I shot at f1.4 and made some clicks. I actually like them too.

The General noticed the motordrive sound of the D4. It is distinct and when it’s rippin, you can’t miss it. He could pick me out of the crowd. I moved out of the scene so other could work with him and switched to the 70-200VR2 at f/5.6 and worked from a distance.

McNally did a really cool thing and brought in a giant sweep and set it up with a big Octie that folks could shoot with. The General moved in and I made my final clicks of him again with the 70-200VR2. This brings me to exposure and the D4. It’s not like exposure on the D3. How’s it different? I’m still running it though my brain pan but I do have a thought I will put forth in the near future. It is better but to talk advantage of it, I need to rethink how we make use of this new technology.

If you have a D4 and you’ve downloaded CS6 (and you SHOULD!) you might have noticed the ACR 7.0 does not recognize the D4 file. Trust me, Adobe is aware of this. Until they update ACR 7.0, you can use ACR 6.7 in CS5 to open and process D4 files.

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