Rocky Mtn Bighorn Sheep captured by Z 6II / 180-400VR

This time of year, we’re out looking for those big boys, them trophy big game critters to fill our viewfinder. But how do you know you have that trophy critter in the viewfinder when you have lots of options. In this case, there were fifteen full curl rams in front of me! In this case, the biggest ram was the good, bad, and the ugly all at the same time. Good because he was the biggest and oldest. The bad because not until the light got hard did he come in front of my lens. And ugly because his age is showing with his left horn sowing the wear of lots of years. Having spent nearly four decades with them, I could recognize these signs. If you’re new to it all, you might look up what makes a trophy animal as defined by hunters. We are both after the same thing, just a different final result. There are classes this time of year that is put on my many states Fish & Game Dept that cover this as well that can be really helpful. You want to photograph all the critters in front of you as you go after the big boy. Just keep in mind that you are often looking for the good, bad and ugly.
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