Pine Martin captured by Z 9 / 180-400VR

I’ve always thought of them as the panic attack of the forest, as the Pine Martin is the perfect adaptation of a pine forest predator! A member of the weasel family, they have that family speed along with their love of life and appetite they take to the trees in search of their prey. Specializing in squirrels, the Pine Martin has no shame and will take advantage of civilization for an easy meal. Because they really don’t fear us (had one once inside an auditorium while I was presenting doing a better job than I entertaining) you can find them around us pretty easily.
We’ve watched them around our home and others as they dart back and forth. Spent two winters on snowshoes doing a research project with them. Had them pop up next to us while we were enjoying a picnic. In a forest where they are present, you just never know when and where they will appear. That’s part of their charm. We had a circus of six of them perform for us through the trees and around a dumpster they had made into a condo for themselves the other week. They put the Z 9’s AF to the test (but they weren’t fast enough for it) as I tried to photograph the circus in the trees. It was kinda like being at a skit range where you heard the word pull over and over again within seconds. It was the most fun I’ve had with them in a long time and the photos that came from the session, are a treasure. You have the opportunity, look the up and spend time with them, you’ll soon discover why I call them the jokester of the pines!

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