photo by RC Concepcion

photo by RC Concepcion

Forty years ago today, my life was changed forever. It’s when our adventure together began, one that continues to this day and points to the future. She’s my business partner, my best friend, gave me two amazing sons and has been by my side from the very start. There are no words to describe my love for her, and no words to say thanks. But she will always be, the love of my life!

This is how it all began

“Will you go out with me?” That one question launched the two great love affairs of my life. In my dad’s new Dodge Dart Swinger (what a name for a car), I picked up my date. In the trunk was my new Minolta SRT202 w/50f1.4 and 105f3.5 I had worked all summer to buy, a 24mm lens borrowed from a friend and my brother’s tripod and cable release I had borrowed from him. With that we made the drive down to Huntington Beach, a 30min rush of nervousness. We went to a local’s favorite sandwich shop, Strotelmyers, and picked our gourmet sandwiches to go to eat on the beach (all the big spender could afford). We parked, grabbed dinner and camera gear and walked down to the surf.

The blanket was spread out with care on the sand. A young boy’s twitter filled the air (I’d been in love since the first time I saw my date months before) as we laid out the dinner with the camera gear carefully being assigned its place on the blanket. We sat down, unwrapped the sandwiches and looked out over the ocean. What a beautiful sunset. Sunset?! I said excuse me, dropped my dinner, grabbed my camera and off I ran down the beach leaving my date on our first date sitting there alone on the blanket in the setting sun.

I returned 20min later quite satisfied with the couple of rolls of color neg I had exposed. I returned to find my date sitting there were I had so rudely left her. She hadn’t touched another bite of dinner, she had carefully wrapped mine up that I had dropped and greeted me with that smile and twinkle in her eyes that caught my heart the first time we meet. The photo would later that year win an award at the Los Angeles County Fair. And the date, she’s been my friend, partner and companion on this photography quest that has filled our lives ever since that night on the beach. That’s how the two great love affairs of my life began.

And the love affair continues …

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