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on Oct 15, 2020 in Field Reports

The Magnificent 500PF – In Stock!

Lesser Goldfinch captured by D6 / 500PF

We’re at our friends Auntie’s house who has created a delightful “shooting Gallery in her backyard. She has it set up for the 500PF so I grabbed her lens and started shooting. All sorts of birds came in and it was fun to shoot the Lesser Goldfinch and especially the Bushtits which I’ve not photographed for decades! I love Bushtits! They are smaller than your pinkie and weigh less than a dime. So darn cute!!!! I was handholding the D6 / 500PF which made the photography so enjoyable. I shot a lot of great birds in a short time with Autie’s great 500PF and shooting gallery, I fell back in love with the 500PF!

Bushtit captured by D6 / 500PF

So I finished shooting as the hot sun crept around the corner and started to bake me and ingested my images. Right then I received a text from my friend at Bedford Camera that they just got some 500PF in stock. Oh man, it would be a great lens for The Ranch and my backyard birds. Am I just sayin that? Well my friend Auntie where we are, loves the 500PF SO MUCH, she has TWO! One dedicated to her backyard birds and one for her travels. Now that idea is in my mind … decisions decisions!

Just a reminder, you head to a 500PF to check out the 500PF, remember to ask for the “Moose Discount” which will save you real money!

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