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on Mar 1, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

The MB-D18 … Need?

The D850 is a marvelous camera, I simply love it! Nikon did it right is so many ways. The one way not so popular with some is the MB-D18, not the unit but its delivery. I’m hearing everyday questions about where to find one to buy. The other question that accompanies this is, “Why don’t you have one?” To the first question and the caveat, “what about the off-brand grips?”, I don’t know why the supply is so tight. Out of all the D850 shooters I’ve shot with, I can only remember two with the MB-D18. I wish I had an answer on supply, I don’t, sorry. And what about the off-brand ones, I’ve not seen them and a quick look, they appear to be scarce as well.

Now, why don’t I have one, that’s a question I can answer. At first, I didn’t see a problem the MB-D18 solved for me. I love the small size of the D850. Then I started doing the 4k Time Lapse and I then saw a need to get the MB-D18. The problem is, once I realized that and I put my order in, it was too late to get the first, second or fiftieth round of shipments. I don’t need the vertical shutter firing button (and it makes me laugh to see those with it and not using this great feature) or faster firing rate. I do need that extended battery life. So like many of you, I wait cause I want and need one.

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