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on Sep 6, 2017 in WRP Ed Zone

The Megapixel Demand

captured by D850 / 24f1.4

Cliff mentioned something today that I had forgotten but are sound words of advice. It’s the mega pixel demand. The D850s 45.7 megapixels capture a lot … I mean … a lot of information! I’m talking so much succulent, delicious, spectacular detail that if you’re off on your craft even a slight twinge of a heartbeat, you’ll see it in your file. What I’m talking about is sharpness, sharpness coming capturing a sharp image! That means lens, focusing that lens and giving that D850 the support to produce a sharp image!

To illustrate my point I enlisted the ever cooperative Sadie (who will do anything for a treat). Shooting with the 24f1.4 at f1.4 just inches away, I focused on the left eye (our left, not Sadie’s). You can see how the right eye is really soft and that illustrates my point. While it would seem that they’re being that close physically, both eyes should be sharp, they are not. Same with those mega pixels, off just a hair and it’s going to be soft, really soft. What can you do to maximize them darling pixels? Practice your hand-holding, raise your ISO for a faster shutter speed, use a tripod more often, a combination of these and much more. I remember the flood of emails of “lenses” gone bad when the D800 came out. Hard lessons were taught and now years later, we should forget them. It’s real simple, the megapixel demand.

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