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on Dec 18, 2018 in Field Reports

The Nikkor 500PF – Gorgeous!

Snow Goose
captured by Z6 / 500PF

What a gorgeous lens, wowzers! The new Nikkor 500PF has been shipping for awhile. I just received a sample to shoot for a couple of weeks from NPS. I took it down to Bosque del Apache and almost shot with it exclusively. It’s simply a gorgeous lens, light and easy to throw up at a seconds notice. I shot with it nearly exclusively on the Z6 but on the D5 as well. This incoming Snow Goose is a prime of its performance. The Z6 instantly grabbed the Goose (Auto-area AF) and the 500PF locked on an delivered gorgeous image click and click.

My primary rig was the D5 and the 800mm with the Z6 / 500PF on a strap on my shoulder. With where we were finding the birds on really close ponds, it turned out the 500PF received the lion share of the shooting. Coupled with the Z6, it was sheere pleasure! I loved all the results, shooting was a pleasure and I sure didn’t have arm fatigue at the end of they day. The 500PF is simply a gorgeous lens!

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