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on May 16, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

The “Other” Pronghorn

captured by D5 / 300PF

Many think of Bison when they think of the great American West, my mind often goes to the Pronghorn. The fastest mammals in North America, this speedster is elegance on four hooves. But often you only see photos of the distinctive male with its “heart-shaped” horns. The female or doe lacking these often get little or no love. So when the opportunity to put them in the limelight to give them a little love.

captured by D5 / 800mm

In these examples of love, I used light and background to bring drama and story to the females. The first light of the day is gorgeous in The Black Hills so being up early and finding a doe was the only challange. We could easily roll up on this browsing doe and with the rim light on her and the dew, easy click for the D5 and the 300PF. Then later, beddin down to chew her cud, the far-off burnt hillside made a dramatic out of focus background that the D5 / 800mm easily brought together in the viewfinder. The only other thing I look at is the ears, I always want the ears forward, not back. And now you have ideas how to so love to the “other” Pronghorn.

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