Puss Moth 80A captured by Z 9 / Z70-200f2.8 w/Z1.4x

Yeah, not your everyday ordinary plane you’re going to find in a hangar! The British designed Puss Moth 80A was built between 1929 – 1933 by De Havilland. They only made 284 and only a few are flying today. This is one of them. While I had seen this in a hangar a number of years ago, its wings were folded back and it was covered in dust. I never gave it a second thought. Then the owner came over from England with his new bride (such great folks) as they were going to fly the Puss Moth up and down the west coast for their honeymoon. I happened to be in the right place in the right time for an easy A2A pick up flight. In less then a coupe of minutes after I was asked if I wanted to do it then we were launching for a fifteen minutes evening flight. The point? Just show up and be ready!

I’m up in Alaska right now and tomorrow heading to the airport to see a friend. There has been no mention of flying. A photo mission not even in the conversation. It wasn’t when I did the Puss Moth either. But you can bet the Z 9 battery is charged. The sensor is cleaned. The Z70-200f2.8 has the Z1.4x attached and strap attached. If, If I get asked, with a zip of the bag I’m on a plane. When you’re prepared, there is nothing better than the pick up!

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