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on Dec 11, 2019 in Field Reports

The Plotaverse

You’ve probably seen posts especially on Instagram that have some cool special effects bringing motion to a still image. This is created by this really very creative app called Plotaverse. It’s been around for a while and when I was at Brent’s over Thanksgiving, I asked him to give me a lesson. Kuna posted a great KelbyOne class on it but Brent, well he knows dad’s learning shortcomings and quickly had me up to speed on it, but I’m still really new to it all.

What you see here is my first attempt. I did it on the iPad which for me was much easier cause of the Apple Pen. But you can do it on your phone as well. And it’s not really meant to be a blog post kinda image because it doesn’t loop as it does on IG. I just wanted to pass it along to you because I’ve seen some incredibly creative things done with Plotaverse, it’s just another way to tell your story visually.

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