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on Jan 27, 2010 in Wildlife Photography, Biological Tips, Yellowstone Life

The Ridge Line

You might be getting tired of all the sheep photos but I just can’t help myself (and there’s still more to come). While I love showing them off, I want to help you get the same image if you have even a hint of the passion for Bighorns I do. I wanted to talk about ridge lining.

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These are the masters of the cliffs, literally! Their hooves are designed so they velcro to sheer rock on impossible faces in the nastiest of weather with no effort. This makes them love the high ground, making any predator coming up to them which is really, really difficult. So you often see sheep on ridge lines which is not only biologically very sheep, it’s photographically very cool.

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And Sharon’s eye once again make the shot possible! I’m watching one slope and Sharon’s watching another. I have rams staring me in the eye and she’s scanning the ridge line for the cool photo opps. You have a young ram, old ram and a young ewe all demonstrating what it is to be a Bighorn. Once found, it’s a matter of light, background and image size to make the image speak sheep. I love the challenge, I love the results.

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Photos captured by D3s, 600VR / 200-400VR on Lexar UDMA digital film

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