American Bison captured by Z 9 / Z400f4.5

It was really apparent a couple of days ago like someone hit the switch. The hard edge to the light disappeared. Fall migrants started to pile into the feeders. White-tail bucks showed up with their velvet rubbed off and antlers polished. Fall has come to The Rockies! The deer’s pelts show their winter coats coming in (not super thick so a mild winter?) and the need to put on fat reserves kicking in. Fall is when big game which definitely includes Bison look their best for their portraits. I think we owe it to them to show up and tell their story. Now is a good time to see where you want to get to with your camera to make those photos. Higher elevations like Yellowstone Nat’l Park you want to get to sooner rather than later as fall comes sooner at the higher elevations. Locations like the Nat’l Bison Ranger you might want to wait perhaps another month as it is lower in elevation. And The Blackhills might be somewhere in between for a photographic adventure. If you’re thinking Maine Moose, that could be another forty days or so. And if you’re thinking Alaska, best jump on a plane now! Frost is on its way, the light its gorgeous fall glow. It is the season of the big game!
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