Silent Dog Forest captured by Z 9 / Z14-24f2.8

The Silent Dog Forest is a haunting, fascinating, frustrating, graphic, intriguing, attractive, grove of dead trees that has grabbed my imagination since the first time I laid eyes on them. The forest got its name because the trees have no bark and are basically across the road from mud pots in Yellowstone. The attraction to me is the very graphic nature of the trees and the shadows they cast in the morning. The challenge for me has always been the shadows are so hard, they take the eye away from the symmetry of the trunks. Oh, I’ve shot the grove for decades but I never liked what I captured. That doesn’t stop me from stopping, wondering, and enjoying. This winter I happened by on a nice -19 morning when the breeze laid the steam into the grove. That natural diffusion made the shadows less harsh and added some mystery and depth to the grove. I love those shadows, so happy I brought them home with me this trip!

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