Miranda Aspens, NM captured by Z 6II / Z24-70f2.8

I was taught long ago that great fall color comes from a wet spring and a sudden cold snap in the fall. While we didn’t have a real wet spring, the temp was 28 this morning and that has set the clocking ticking. Fall color has begun here in the Bitterroots so it’s time to head out and get me some!
I have two approaches I like to start with when photographing fall color, long and short. I like shooting with the Z70-200f2.8 & Z24-70f2.8 from “outside” the color looking in. I look for a green background for the fall color which makes it pop. I underexpose to saturate the color. And I use a polarizer, rotating it so the majority of the leaves have the blue reflection from the sky removed.
Then I love to move right into a grove of fall color with the Z14-24 and simply lookup. I prefer says when there are whispy clouds and look for a pattern in them to place the fall color against. Well, nough said, time to grab the camera and head out, the clock is ticking, the snap has snapped!

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