Sierra Snow Burst
captured by Z7 / Z20f1.8 @f1.8

Last week the new Nikkor Z20f1.8 arrived on my desk (Thanks Bedfords!). I have a real thing for fast wide angle lenses and one native to the Z really grabbed my imagination. The Z20f1.8 is a spectacular lens rivaling my old favorite 24f1.4! There are two things that grabbed my attention right away, it’s straight-line rendition and minimum focusing distance (MFD). When you have the lens, you instantly notice how much longer it is than your basic 20mm. That’s because of all this optical goodness that’s required for the blistering sharpness edge to edge and fast lens speed. I got it to shoot at just one f/stop, f1.8 and I’m telling you, I love this lens!

Mono Lake @f1.8


Now, what’s with this silly GIF? It was my intention this past week to go out and shoot some heavenly bodies with this gorgeous lens. Up until today, we’ve had snow, snow and more snow so no clear skies. Since I couldn’t make that shot, I wanted to demonstrate the straight-line quality and MFD of the Z20f1.8. Focusing on just the cut on the tip of my finger, I held it just THREE inches in front of the lens! The cut is sharp but the front and back of the finger and the rest of the photograph is gone! You can see Mono Lake once I focus on infinity. This is a spectacular lens that is going to be really fun getting to know a whole lot better. I can wait to shoot video with it! mtc

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