Bandon Beach captured by D750 / 14-24f2.8

Our vision and the “system” it is connected to within our mind and heart is such an amazing sensor to our world! When you contemplate all the info it takes in and relates to us in a heartbeat and without any thought, there are simply no words for it. Translating that input we have visually and matching it with our cameras, that on the other hand can be hand-to-hand combat at times. At times, it can take the joy out of the simple moment we’re trying to capture. This is what I’ve done ever since digital hit the office to make it all simpler.

When I see red in the sky, I set the WB of my camera to Cloudy. Cloudy actually represents a Kelvin temp, 6000k. Our AWB has a limit and in many cases, it is trying to “generalize” the light/color when we want a very specific color, in this case, that of sunset (or sunrise). Many want to do this in post which is of course is an option. I prefer to get it right in the camera making it responsible for getting my memory recorded correctly so that later, I don’t have to think about what was the color, I know because the camera got it right. Often, I will dial the WB up to 9-10k when the color in the sky is that deep, blood-red like the sun trying to make its way through wildlife smoke. It is your memory, you need to preserve it the way that works best for you. I’d rather not think about it, just feel it so I make the camera earn its keep and get it right :-)

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