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on Nov 8, 2017 in Landscape Photography

The Worst Wx can …

Bandon Beach
captured by D850 / 24-70VR / Breakthrough 6d

I have many sayings, this one is one of my originals. The Worst weather can make for the best photography! I’ll admit I’m really odd but shooting in bad weather is something I actually seek. There are lots of reasons for this, the main one is I love the mood, drama and romance mother nature creates without our having to do anything other than witness it. And in that process, connect with the light, the romance so we bring that into our photographs. This is where it gets difficult for some because there is first the fear for their camera gear and second, the discomfort for themselves. I have a really simple rule of thumb I use when making this all work. If I can tolerate the rain, so can my gear. So it all starts with ourselves. My go-to jacket in this scenario is the Carhartt Shoreline Jacket because it is bulletproof and has giant pockets. After that, it’s up to gear and shooting.

Harris Beach
captured by D850 / 24-70VR / Breakthrough 6d

It’s really quite simple now with the D850 with its ability to easily focus through the Breakthrough 6D filter (in this case with the 24-70VR). It had no problem working with the 6stop ND filter nor the rain. I wanted to tell the story of the storm so went with the long exposure. This meant the rig was in the rain for over an hour getting soaked. Care was simple, I continually plotted the rig dry, DID NOT WIPE it dry, plotted with a clean, dry, white towel. I used the same towel to constantly dry off the water drops on the filter because removing those spots in post is a bear. The last bit of this equation is the knowledge that after you capture those amazing photos, you have a warm, dry place to savor the victory over the weather. But if you never venture out, you’ll never know if the worst weather can …

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