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on Dec 5, 2020 in Field Reports

The Z 6II Keeps up with Maggie

Maggie captured by Z 6II / Z24-200

Maggie has been experiencing snow for the first time and she like most dogs just loves it! Now unlike all the other members of my family, Maggie is not camera shy. In fact, when the Z 6II comes out, she’s running right at me which has been so much fun. Now those little eight-inch legs if I want to shoot at her level require that I get down at her level (argh) or shoot bent over with the monitor flipped out. In either case, getting my eye to the viewfinder for focus is a challenge. Step in the marvelous Z 6II!

partial screen capture of the 45 image series

We were out in the snow with Maggie, the light was pretty nice. I flipped out the monitor, bent over, and as soon as Maggie saw me, she bolted over to me. With the Z 6II set to Auto-Area AF Pet eye detection, all I had to do to get the 45 sharp image series was keep my finger on the AF-ON and shutter release button. That’s good because keeping bouncing Maggie in the frame was challenge enough. I have no doubt that without the Z 6II vastly improved AF performance and flip out monitor I would not have all these photos, all sharp and able to share. I’m pretty much blown away with this performance!

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