My Z 9 Glog mapped out

No, this in itself might not improve your photography but man, it’s a really cool tool we have in our Z 9! When you turn on Location in the Z 9 menu (other bodies have this feature as well) you then have the option to Log Location. You can set how often the camera records your GPS location and the camera collects all of these points until you turn it off. You then have a G.log file that you can plug into a number of sites online for free that turn that log into a map like you see above. I had my Z 9 set to the default settings for the log you see. You can see where I started at Bear Camp (top left line), boated to the bear eating barnacles, walking around the shore photographing it, then getting back in the boat and motoring back to Bear Camp (lower line in top left corner). Looking at the map, it would appear we were standing in the bay to shoot. It was low tide so the water was gone exposing the barnacle beds. This is a really cool I can see many uses for like when I do an A2A mapping our flight. Check it out, I bet you can find uses for this cool feature as well.

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