Spark Plugs from 1929 Wright R975 J69 engine captured by Z 6II / Z105mc

I love it, simply love it … the Z105mc! The last month has been an interesting journey for me as I dive into a genre of photography I find horribly challenging that the 105mc has made so fun! The Z105mc is so bloody sharp and easy to use, it really puts the pressure on to get it right in the viewfinder. That challenge I love and can deal with, it’s the creativity part on that tiny scale I find spooky. I’m sure you’ve heard what a killer lens the Z105mc is for macro photography but it’s spectacular for portraits as well (I would post my tests taken of Sharon but they didn’t get her approval). It is a 105mm for goodness sake!

The Spectacular Z105f2.8 Micro

I added the Z105mc to my kit for upcoming book projects shooting intimate portraits of tiny parts but I need all gear to serve multiple roles. Being a 105mm, I turned it towards folks and shooting at f2.8, it does a spectacular job! In fact, since it weighs less and does macro, there are going to be times now when the 105f1.4 will stay in the locker, being replaced by the Z105mc (I will never get rid of the 105f1.4!) in my kit. The beauty of this lens is the working distance it provides for bringing in lights such as the single SB-5000 I used to light the spark plugs. With its superior edge-to-edge sharpness you have to really pay attention to the depth of focus making sure your subject is sharp and other elements either are or are not based on the story you are telling. I just love this lens, its performance and how it’s pushing my photography. I can’t say enough great things about it!

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