Z 9 w/Z50f1.2 attached

If you have a need for speed, the Z50f1.2, or just released Z85f1.2 or upcoming Z135f1.2 might just be the ticket. I started with the Z50f1.2 for an upcoming project but I started wanting it when it first came out and I shot with it. While I love the speed (often having to lower the ISO when out in full sun) I desired the very narrow DoF and its isolating abilities more. Its DoF is so narrow than when photographing a person, or a dog like Maggie below, that one eye might be in focus and the other is out by just the slightest tilt of the head. But it’s that ability I need.

The Z50f1.2 is blazingly sharp corner to corner and that’s critical to me when shooting at f1.2. And that’s the only way I shoot with this lens, wide open. If I was going to be closing it down, I would save the funds and go with a slower lens. This incredible sharpness along with narrow DoF requires one to be really attentive to the focus point on the subject and able to move left or right, up or down physically to carry the band of focus where it’s desired to tell the story. The massive focusing ring as well as the focus peaking of Z 9 really facilitates your ability to place the focus exactly where it’s required.

The 50f1.2 is not a small nor light lens. At nearly thirty-nine ounces and with a 82mm filter size (I always have a Nikon NC attached), it’s hefty. I love that size and heft, makes it real easy to handhold and wheel around. It’s a lens I wanted and so happy it turns out I need as the Z50f1.2, oh, how sweet it is!

Maggie captured by Z 9 / Z50f1.2

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