Grasses in winters grasp captured by Z 6II / Z50mc

A great day of Arctic adventure came to an end with a really nice sunset. At 2:30 PM! My dear friend brought her new Z 50 micro so I took advantage of the opportunity to talk it for a shoot. It was -8, what else would you do? I wanted the sun on the horizon in the frame so I went off on a search for some hoar frost to put in front of it and to let it shine through. I soon found some grasses, perfect for my quest.

I turned on the Z 6II and focused the lens manually to 3/4 life size (turning on the camera required), flipped out the monitor, and went to work. The first challenge was to get the grasses lined up with the film plane so those I wanted in focus were all in focus at the same time. I was shooting at f/2.8 as I wanted the sun a warm orp as you see in the photo. Once the plane was lined up, I moved physically back and forth until the elements were sharp. The Z50mc is a gem making this entire process real easy. What a gorgeous, sweet lens. Great addition to the Nikon micro legacy.

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